About Us

Dr. Kimberly A. Kick and Cathy Chestler, M.Ed. launched Divorce Communications in 2011 with the goal of creating a safe, simple environment to promote healthy communications for all families. The purpose of Divorce Communications is to provide various tools that promote healthy communications and interactions.

Cathy brings a unique perspective of divorce-she has witnessed it through the lens of a child and parent. Her memories and experiences of divorce offer deep insights into the process and emotions that accompany any separation or divorce.

After partnering, Kim and Cathy decided to develop a comprehensive service that would help eradicate the complications and stress associated with shared parenting when the couple has split.

At its inception, Cathy and Kim wanted an affordable tool that helped eliminate stressful situations that put children in the middle of adult conversations. Put simply, they sought to develop something that allowed kids to be kids and remove the legal system from the process of shared parenting.

From there stemmed the idea for Divorce Communications.

Divorce Communications is a comprehensive service that provides a one-stop convenient location to see and talk about your children. All communications are date and time stamped and can never be deleted. All communications are always available to be download and print at your convenience.